Fear Kills, Love Wins

It is only the message of grace that brings repentance. I am convinced about that.

A few days ago, precisely on Saturday 11th of July, 2020, I was counselling with a young man. Actually a boy of about 13 years. The mum sent him to me as she could not explain his stubbornness and unruly behaviour. He stole, lied, and was violent toward his elder siblings and parents. According to her, it was really worrisome because he has always been a good boy until quite recently.

So we got talking as I asked him some questions I felt could lead us to the root of the problem. Before we started I had asked God to help me by His Spirit to gain his cooperation and to know what questions to ask that would reveal what the real issue was. That is always my goal in any counselling session, no matter who is involved. The moment you can find the root of the problem, the solution is easy to find.

After about four hours of deep searching, I got to know that this young man had believed a lie. He had seen himself as a worthless sinner that can never be forgiven. So there was no point trying to do good.

The summary is that he did something wrong and refused to confess it when the parents confronted him. According to him, each time he thought about what he did ‘an inner voice’ would tell him that God will never forgive him. And that same voice would always remind him that it was a waste of time trying to be good since he was already condemned. He believed the voice and that was the beginning of trouble.

So he was graduating from one negative behaviour to another. He said he was already thinking of going into real serious crimes like kidnapping and ritual killings later on in life. Can you imagine what the message of condemnation can cause?

I had to find a way to convince him that the love of God is more than whatever wrong he did. And that all he should have done was to confess and repent, instead of becoming hardened.

Romans 3:24 “Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.”

No man has what it takes to redeem himself. We all lean on the righteousness of Jesus. All I did was to convince this boy from scriptures that God is in love with him and that He is willing to forgive him, no matter the magnitude of his offence. Isaiah 1:18.

Then I led him to pray for forgiveness and the grace to live for God, as he received God’s love into his heart.

The mother called me this afternoon to say that he has never seen his boy this happy in a long time. The burden of sin has been lifted and the knowledge of the fact that he has been forgiven is bringing out the best in him

Sin consciousness will always breed more sin. No wonder Paul said that what the law could not do, God did by sending His own Son, Jesus. Romans 8:3

The love of God certainly brings repentance. Always.

The word of God says that the truth that you know will set you free. One lie from hell can also put you in bondage. Be careful what you hear.

God bless you.