“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

There is no doubt that the whole world is in crisis at the moment. Coronavirus is here, with no regards to tribe, position or social standing. Since the outbreak of the virus most nations of the world have had to make major adjustments as a way of curbing its spread. Life as we knew it has been disrupted. Travels have been suspended, schools, markets, hotels, shopping malls and even worship centres have been shut down. There is a global halt and this has had a big impact on the economy. Governments, businesses and families are losing revenue. There is pain, there is anxiety as no one knows when life will get back to normal. The impact that this pandemic would have on our future can better be imagined.

Mankind is not new to crisis. History is full of stories of crises of different types and magnitudes. There has been famines, wars, epidemics, earthquakes and other adversities that human beings have had to cope with. But the coronavirus pandemic remains the scariest thing anyone alive today has seen. The kind of news we receive daily has left us wondering, what is coming next? How will this end? Will everyone die? Will my family survive? Pictures showing rows of caskets inside a church, hospitals overflowing with patients, empty streets even in what used to be bustling cities, all remind us of our vulnerability.

In many developing countries, the pandemic is not the only problem the people have had to deal with. There is ignorance, hunger, deceit, propaganda, coverups and corruption as corrupt government officials are seeing the pandemic as an opportunity to channel the assistance meant for the vulnerable population into their families. It is scary. It is heartbreaking and sad. The constant negative news is capable of overwhelming the human mind

But we must make efforts to look beyond this crisis. The Psalmist says, “I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from where my help comes.” Psalms 121:1.  This is not the time to question God and His love for the people He created. It is time to hope in Him as the only one that can get us out of the current situation. We must rise above anxiety and prevent our souls from drowning in despair. It is a choice we have to make, a decision we have to consciously take. It is a time to hope and persevere.

Hope is the belief that something positive is coming your way.

What is hope? Hope is the belief that something positive is coming your way. Hope is a powerful factor in the journey of life. It becomes indispensable in times of crisis. People are bound to fear in times of crises, but hope has been the anchor that holds the human soul together, whether such crisis is personal or global.

A time of crisis is a time to cling unto hope with everything in you because it is hope that will keep you afloat when the future appears bleak. Hope is the reason why we live.

Without hope, we would just give up when the going gets tough; we would just wither and die. Hope encourages us to forge ahead, to try more, to give whatever it takes for us to get beyond our crunch points. Don’t believe that everything is gone. Stop wondering where you will get the capital to start that business again. Even if you have lost a family member, friend or colleague to the pandemic, be comforted, knowing that God is with you. Trust that things will get better no matter how terrible it appears.

Hope thrives on vision. It is easy to despair when there is no vision. The word of God says that without a vision the people perish. There is nothing to live for without a vision. This lockdown period should be a time for you to dream. Hold a positive image of how your life would be beyond the coronavirus. This is the time to strategize in readiness to launch out once the lockdown is over.

Do not dump your dreams. You must have been working on something before the crisis. Or you had a beautiful plan for your family, business or career. The temptation would be to drop such plans or project because of the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. Don’t surrender to fear. Or maybe you had a dream to make a difference in the world, knowing that God has called you into it? Stay true to that vision. You have what it takes to succeed in it. Remember that the only life that is worth living is one that blesses others.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought anxiety to people in every part of the world. It is a time of hopelessness and fear. But surrendering to fear will only worsen the situation. There is an overcomer in you, so step over defeat, failure and stagnation. Hold on to the faith that things will get better. The pandemic will go, along with all the pains, uncertainties and discomfort that it has brought. Everything is not gone. We will not all die. There is life after coronavirus. There is light after the darkness. There is laughter after this season of sorrow. Don’t give up hope.

“What matters is not what goes on around you, but what goes on inside you.”

Blessing Isonguyo